Greece Is Reopening To Tourists This Summer


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International travel could be on the cards sooner than expected. This week, the prime minister of Greece announced that the country would be reopening to international tourists as early as July 1.

Air Canada is offering a number of flights to Greece this summer, although it’s important to remember that an active travel advisory remains in place.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis revealed that the southeastern European country would be reopening to tourists this summer, with plans to welcome international visitors as early as July 1, on Wednesday.

While the company’s website suggests there’s a temporary airport suspension in Athens, a representative from Air Canada has confirmed to Narcity that this is no longer the case.*

“We are planning a restart and intend to fly to Greece as of the end of June,” they added.

In addition, it’s worth noting that Canadian travellers are still currently required to quarantine when returning from abroad, so even if you don’t have to isolate upon arrival in Greece, you will when you return home!

In an attempt to boost potential tourism, Mitsotakis also announced that vacation costs would be lowered for all visitors for the next five months.

This means that boat, plane and bus tickets would be reduced, and taxes on coffee, soft drinks and tickets for open-air cinemas would be slashed.

The Nordic island announced plans to start easing international travel no later than June 15, and flights are already available from Canada.

Many Canadian airlines continue to suspend flights into the summer, some international carriers are preparing to restart operations ASAP.

In fact, Emirates are set to resume international flights to Toronto this week.

source Narcity


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