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Is Giving Away Free Games for the Next Month. Download ‘GTA V ‘ free of charge.

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Epic Games, the engine behind titles like Fortnite and Infinity Blade, is giving away free games for the next four weeks.

This isn’t the first time the company has provided fans access to games free of charge, but this time around, Epic Games is offering up something special. The brand has created the all-new Epic Games Store vault, which will open up to reveal each of these games starting today.

The first of the weekly drops is Grand Theft Auto V, the 2013 action-adventure game by Rockstar Games, which will be free on PC until May 21.

The open world design lets players freely roam San Andreas’ countryside and the fictional city of Los Santos — based on Los Angeles — in their efforts to commit heists.

Gamers dressing up in alien suits to represent different gangs in the game has led to a slew of creative TikToks and memes, making #greenvspurple one of the fastest-growing hashtags ever on the social media platform.

Grand Theft Auto V will be free on PC through May 21. Download it now and keep it forever through Epic Games’ website.

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