A ‘Protest Against Confinement’


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“They’re shouting through their windows against the vaccine.”

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LaPresse broke the news that a group of Montrealers were preparing to make their way to Quebec City to hold a “protest against confinement.” And at around 3:30 p.m. on May 17, Early this Sunday.

A protest did, in fact, take place in front of Quebec’s Parliament building.

The protest was organized by a group on social media called “Appel à la liberté,” which in English translates to Call for Freedom.

LaPresse told its readers that the group’s goal in regards to holding a protest in front of parliament is “to denounce ‘the dictatorship of the WHO’ and ‘the manipulation of pandemic-related statistics to justify containment and the potential vaccine requirement.”

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On the scene, many Quebec flags were held up along with various protest posters.

LaPresse’s article from 11 a.m. on the morning of May 17 said that there were approximately 60 individuals making their way from Montreal to the protest in Quebec City.

Antoine Tremblay, the moderator of the group, believes that “the second wave is a lie that we are made to swallow one bite at a time.” According to LaPresse.

“We want our rights and freedoms back.

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