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Justin Bieber recently took to his Instagram to tease a Crocs collaboration — and in the process caused the company’s stock to jump as much as 11 percent.

Following in the footsteps of Bad Bunny’s glow-in-the-dark Crocs and Post Malone’s rugged Duet Max Clog from 2019, Bieber is the latest A-list celebrity to lend his twist to the Colorado-based company’s signature foam clogs.

Though Bieber didn’t give much away in his zoomed-out teaser photo, it appears as if his Crocs are done up in a bright orange and feature custom Jibbitz charms. 

As mentioned above, in the minutes after Bieber’s announcement Crocs stock jumped seven to eight percent before reaching an 11 percent increase, trading at a peak of $47.81 USD on October 1. As of 10:34 AM E.T. on October 2, Crocs is trading at $45.33 USD per share.

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