What is the difference between genius and intelligence?


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The great philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer captured it brilliantly. His somewhat pessimistic view of what life is allowed him to define the promising aspects of existence with superb clarity.

“Talent is hitting the target nobody else can hit, while genius is hitting the target nobody else can see”

While talent and intelligence are by no means identical, they are both demonstrations of repetitive and high-level achievement. The first is closely associated with the physical, and the latter with the mind, yet the core of their meanings are the same.

With this, Schopenhauer captures the difference between intelligence and genius.

Intelligent people can be said to have a firm grasp on knowledge of both the material world around them, or a social intelligence to appear as though they do, or both. This grasp of processes may allow them to understand processes, aspects of life, to the point problem solving or accurate speculation may occur. The same grasp sees them appear insightful, capable, and impressively competent.

To me genius is a step beyond. For one, a reputation of genius cannot be swindled as intelligence can. To earn this status, boundaries must be breached of the knowledge we already have, and to me these boundaries of common thought are reinforced too fiercely for mere intelligence to break.

I am a scientist. Several intelligent people ordered the known elements into a table understandable and accurate for the time. Only one genius was able to produce a table with such extraordinary vision that is could account for almost every element to be discovered over the next century. This vision it what constitutes genius, as here with Mendeleev in science, Aristotle in Philosophy and Biology, Adam Smith in economics; to name a few.

Genius is not confined in the material, tangible world, nor by time or teachings. It is absolutely timeless and is a expansive force that has been driving human evolution since human conscious began.

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