‘Blankos: Block Party’ Wants to Be the ‘Fortnite’ of Party MMOs


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When new titles garner a certain degree of popularity, they also frequently propel the gaming industry in new directions.

If a formula is proven to be successful, the market will center around it for a time in an attempt to jump on the fad. Halo and Call of Duty, for example, put first-person shooters on the map in the early 2000s, which resulted in an overabundance of FPS titles in those years.

These days, cosmetic collecting is largely what makes free-to-play Battle Royale titles — the latest fad in gaming — so appealing. Most multiplayer titles within the gaming industry now function by making fans chase after the next big skin/content coming exclusively to an upcoming battle pass.

Blankos Block Party MMO Battle Royale Preview

However, outside of Steam‘s community marketplace, few titles have given players the resources to buy, sell, and trade these items they’ve collected with other players. It appears Blankos: Block Party is looking to change that, while also melding the formula of several popular titles in the free-to-play market.

Blankos: Block Party is an upcoming free-to-play party MMO from game studio Mythical that allows players to meet in an online hub called The Junction, where they can take on daily challenges, go on dares, earn items, and more.

The meat of the game is to buy and collect these digital figurines and customize them to your liking. Players can also build and customize their own digital hubs to invite friends and participate in mini-games with friends, which is another key focus of the title.

Blankos Block Party MMO Battle Royale Preview

Players can repurpose building items to serve functions the dev team didn’t initially intend. For instance, someone building their own hub used a skateboard halfpipe as a platform by turning it upside down, much to the surprise of the devs. 

However, Mythical looks at this as a core prospect in building and wants to allow players the freedom to be creative and use items in any way they see fit.

Blankos: Block Party also taps into the collectors market by utilizing the free-to-play market’s model of selling multiple cosmetic skins. The developer has stated that it will avoid loot boxes and grey markets for rare Blankos, noting “the community dictates the value of what they buy and sell.” Titles like Fortnite saw accounts sold on eBay that contained several skins, emotes and accessories bought with V-Bucks. And although nothing has been confirmed, there are rumors of several notable cosmetic collaborations slated to take place when Blankos eventually goes live. There’s no telling if the collabs will have as much range as Samsung’s “Galaxy” skin promotion, which was promoted alongside Ninja and Travis Scott, but there’s potential. As such, it appears Mythical will have a far better handle on third-party distribution than Epic Games, and will even use it to its potential benefit.

Blankos Block Party MMO Battle Royale Preview

However, from what we saw gameplay-wise in a virtual demo, there is no incentive to partake in any of these enticing prospects, primarily because the gameplay looks so frustrating.

Unfortunately, the controls and mechanics for the game make these modes a chore to play through. Although the gameplay we saw in the hands-off demo was in the very early stages, the fundamentals themselves look as though they’re aimed at the often young audiences attracted to the Minecraft and Roblox titles that Blankos is inspired by.

Blankos Block Party MMO Battle Royale Preview

All we can hope is that when the title releases a beta and the full project, the gameplay has been fine-tuned or revamped in a way that makes actual gameplay fun — or at least look fun to play.

Blankos Block Party is coming to PC later in 2020.

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