Ontario says drive-in movie theatres are clear to reopen on Sunday


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Ontario says drive-in movie theatres are clear to reopen on Sunday

Ontario is giving drive-in movie theatres the clear to reopen.

The province says existing outdoor big screens will allowed to resume business starting on Sunday.

The decision comes as the province moves forward with stages of a larger repening plan that started on May 19 when restrictions lifted on retail stores and surgeries.


The province says washrooms in the facilities will be operating as long as health and safety requirements are followed.

Ontario will also permit batting cages to reopen on Sunday.

Ontario will also permit batting cages to reopen on Sunday.


Protesters chant ‘justice for Regis’ at Toronto rally against anti-black, Indigenous racism


Thousands of protesters took to the streets of downtown Toronto on Saturday, chanting “justice for Regis” as they rallied in the aftermath of high-profile, police-involved deaths in both Canada and the United States.

The protest follows the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet in Toronto on Tuesday, which is currently being probed by the province’s police watchdog. The 29-year-old fell from the balcony of a 24th-floor Toronto apartment while police were in the home.

As the demonstration moved through the city’s downtown, people shouted in support from their balconies and protesters held signs proclaiming “Blue Lives Batter, Black Lives Matter” and “We Want Answers.”

A police officer is now facing a murder charge in the death of George Floyd, a black man caught on film pleading for air as an officer knelt on his neck.

In Toronto, protesters chanted “not another black life,” “abolish the police,” and “no justice, no peace” as they wound through the downtown streets clad in face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

 A heavy police presence followed the rally, which ended at Toronto police headquarters instead of its scheduled finish at Queen’s Park.

A small group protesting COVID-19 lockdowns was gathered there on Saturday, and Not Another Black Life explained the change of plans on Instagram.

“We are not going to Queen’s Park due to white supremacy,” they wrote.

Earlier in the week, Korchinski-Paquet’s mother said that she called officers to the apartment asking them to take her daughter to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. She said she never thought her daughter could have ended up dead.

“A mother shouldn’t call the police for help and the result of the call is her being taken away in a body bag,” she said. “It shouldn’t happen when someone calls the police. They’re supposedly here to help.”

She added that the support of non-black demonstrators was vital to their cause. McArthur said it was good that some white people attended, but she wanted to see more people in future protests.

“I just hope that we can continue to do this and it’s not forgotten after today,” she said.

“Democracy, lawful protest is healthy and I’m fully respectful of that. With this type of protest, what I don’t want is people’s behaviour to be manifested on lies or mistruths. That is my concern,” said Saunders. “And the only people that have that truth right now are the ones who are conducting that investigation. Once that investigation is done, then its time to have that discussion on what the go-forward looks like.”

Meanwhile, police said hundreds attended a similar protest in Halifax on Saturday. No arrests were made.

“We respect the public’s right to a peaceful protest,” Staff Sgt. R. Scott MacDonald said.

“Police were on hand simply to ensure the safety of the participants and the public. We appreciate that attendees conducted themselves in a peaceful manner.”

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