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nike space hippie CQ3986 CQ3988 CQ3989 001 01 02 03 04

Nike‘s Space Hippie collection has now received an official release date.

The offerings included four silhouettes — the Space Hippie 01Space Hippie 02Space Hippie 03 and Space Hippie 04 — each of which is built almost entirely of sustainable materials, and all of which are a driving factor in Nike’s Move to Zero initiative.

nike space hippie CQ3986 CQ3988 CQ3989 001 01 02 03 04

From a looks standpoint, this new-age material mix makes for appealingly rough-hewn designs, some with a bricolage-style build. The 01 and 04 models are the most traditional of the bunch, both serving up a low-cut silhouette with a standard lacing system.

The Nike Space Hippie 01, 02, 03, and 04 will release globally via Nike SNKRS come June 11. Prices range from $130-$180 USD. For more on Nike’s sustainable design initiatives like “Move to Zero,” head over to the Nike Purpose page.

Nike Space Hippie Collection

Release Date

June 11, 2020 – 10:00 am EST (TBC) 



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