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There’s an episode in CSNY’s first reunion where an angry David Geffen (owner of Geffen records) called up the band’s current manager and tried to stop the group from going forwards, According to Nick Kent’s book Dark Stuff.

Neil Young had been contractually linked with Geffen’s label but had largely restrained from offering them the kind of material they were expecting.

David Geffen, rather bluntly, told the manager that he wanted to freeze the band because he had a contract with Neil Young and because in his words. Young was “the only guy with any talent left.”.

Now, this is a bit harsh and it happened a while after the group’s hey-day, but it’s worth considering. Especially so, if you consider the band’s output since those days.

With that being said, some of CSN’s vocal work, their songwriting and Stills’ guitar work is masterful. As for Neil Young he is a rare breed. A talented, stubborn and entirely devoted musician.

Stay tune.

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