Levi’s Celebrates 501 Day


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Levi’s has revealed its latest release to celebrate 501 day. The new “Golden Ticket” jeans celebrates the 1971 change from a big “E” to a small “e” on the classic Levi’s Red Tab. To this day, big “E” jeans are a collectors item across the world.

To mark this shift — and the big “E” jeans’ status — Levi’s has produced 501 pairs of the 1971 501 jean. 496 of these pairs of jeans will feature the more-common small “e,” while the remaining five will sport the sought-after big “E” tag.

The Red Tabs, however, will be wrapped in golden foil, meaning that the only way to discover the rarity of the jeans is to buy them and unwrap the foil.

The “Golden Ticket” 1971 501 Jeans will be releasing in Europe via the Levi’s web store from June 4.

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