White House To Continue To Seek End To Affordable Care Act In Supreme Court Case


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President Trump said Wednesday the Justice Department would continue to argue that the Affordable Care Act should be overturned in a Supreme Court case that will be heard this fall, resisting advice from Attorney General Bill Barr to pursue a ruling over a narrower part of the legislation.

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With the Supreme Court set to rule on a lawsuit challenging the ACA in the fall, Trump is standing firm in his commitment to getting the law overturned.

The lawsuit, brought by a group of Republican state attorneys general, argues that the health law was invalidated when Congress eliminated the law’s tax penalty for people who failed to attain health insurance coverage.

He added, “Obamacare, we run it really well… it’s still lousy health care.”

Trump told White House reporters “we want to terminate health care under Obamacare and replace it,” according to Politico reporter Alice Ollstein.

A Kaiser Foundation tracking poll in April seems to confirm those fears, with 50% of Americans saying they approve of the ACA while 39% say they disapprove.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump’s presumptive Democratic opponent, issued a statement on Wednesday denouncing the lawsuit. “Trump has decided he’d rather destroy President Obama’s legacy than protect the health care of millions upon millions of Americans,” he wrote in a Medium post.

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