Turn your Toyota RAV4 into Lambo Urus With This Bodykit


The Toyota RAV4 is the world’s best-selling SUV but it’s not necessarily the most eye-catching one.

Thankfully, a Japanese tuning shop by the name of Albermo has developed a bodykit to make the Toyota stand out from the pack. The bodykit, dubbed the XR51, takes inspiration from the Lamborghini Urus and adds some flair to the RAV4.

Priced at ¥240,000 JPY (approximately $2,600 USD), the body kit mirrors design cues from Lamborghini’s super-SUV. The bumper takes on the same shape as the prized four-door, with a gloss black covering designed to veil the Toyota Safety Sense system, effectively mimicking the Urus’ rear.

Albermo's Toyota RAV4 Lamborghini Urus Body Kit caesar japanese car manufacturer release info xr51

Take a detailed look at Albermo’s XR51 body kit above and head over to Albermo’s website for more information.

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