Hey folks. Sometime today, I decided to take a ride. Go out and explore the world. On my way out, I start to think about thanksgiving. I asked myself, why this day; which is October 8, We all call it Thanksgiving.

To me October is a month which has full of surprise and not saying much I was born in that month. Well Let me think of a church, like general church which is open today. I want to go in and give my thanks to the Most High God.  There was only one which I can think off… Saint Joseph


Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal (French: Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal) is a Roman Catholicminor basilica and national shrine on Mount Royal’s Westmount Summit in Montreal, Quebec. It is Canada’s largest church and claims to have one of the largest domes in the world


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Saint Joseph can be presented as the saint of everyday life, to whom one has recourse for one’s little worries as at the crucial moments of life.
Saint Brother André had boundless confidence in Saint Joseph, his friend and guide. His dream was to build a chapel on Mount Royal; an oratory to pray to him.


Crowds quickly flocked to this place. At the recommendation of Brother André, we invoke the great saint who, according to him, “does not let anyone fall on the way”.
Traditionally, St. Joseph is entrusted with issues related to family, work, health, death and material needs. Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, founded in 1904, is the largest sanctuary in the world dedicated to him.



upon walking side the church, I felt relieve and faith again. My joy start to arise and arise. I felt that im home. The Saint were everywhere that you can feel them in your bones.

Help me guys to praise and give thanks the Most High.. The Picture below shows the meaning of  the pray.


Joseph, in the company of Jesus and Mary, you knew the hunger, the insecurity, the disease. Your heart has turned to God to present your needs and those of your family. In faith, you have recognized the Father’s response in the unfolding of events. Assist me today in presenting my prayer to the Father.



Joseph, help me to recognize the will of God so that I open my hands to welcome what the Father gives me in his benevolence. In his thoughtfulness, God fills his creation with his Life and his Love. Open my eyes to the wonders He continually performs. Help me find the true meaning of my request so that I discover in myself the child that God has desired. Amen.

If you believe say yes… Dont forget to leave a comment below.

Back to were I was. This church is amazing and incredible. Full of massege and love

There you can see the Jesus Christ.



This is the origin of Jesus Christ. Mary, her mother, was married to Joseph; but before they lived together, she found herself pregnant by the fact of the Holy Spirit. Joseph, her husband, who was a just man and did not want to publicly defame her, resolved to repudiate her secretly. »(Mt 1, 18-19)



At the end of the tour, There was only one thing that I could think off,  without our Lord God, Every thing is impossible.
Sometimes, we gotta appreciate what we have now and stop worry about tomorrow.
The distance between insanity and Genius is measured only by success.
Enjoy your day :)!!


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